One of the greatest challenges in a sales visit or a sales discussion on the phone is to obtain commitment from the prospective buyer. I recently undertook a sales training workshop and the biggest point of contention and debate during the morning was on the topic of asking for the order, getting the deal or closing sale. We had numerous views on this matter but an overall feeling it was getting harder to get the word “yes” to come out of the customers mouth….why is this?

Closing a sale

Closing a sale

You might have a product which is perfect for your prospect, but getting them to actually say yes is still difficult as a race human beings are naturally averse to risk, averse to confronting new things and most people have an attachment to their money (especially here in Yorkshire as legend has it!) and it takes a lot to get them to part with it!

It is because of this that the sales exists which Alfred Tack once described as “the gentle art of giving another person your own way” Try using the most effective communication combined with playing on basic human emotions and believe me these sales approaches exist all around us…just walk down the street or talk to your neighbours! Human beings are more motivated by fear of loss than they are the promise of something better as who wants to miss out on something? Buy before said date or the price will go up is the oldest and best example but it only works if you’ve done an effective job communicating the benefits of what you you’re selling.

Envy …yes, people want what the other person has! This is known as social proof and by using testimonials, references in person or on social media demonstrating people using what you’re selling you are tapping in into a sense of greed and a desire to follow the crowd and get what they’ve got.


Behave as if it is not a problem that you won’t get the sale and don’t look desperate. We are all deterred by the over eager “2nd hand car salesman” or aggressive approach and so a relaxed approach communicates to the buyer that you’ll be fine whether they buy or not. So give them the deal, stress the value to them and the offer ends at a certain time and they can buy after the deadline…risky? May be but never come across as desperate in your approach or throw the kitchen sink into your offer in some groveling way to close the sale.

Try them and see how you get on but remember it is better to try a close than not to try one at all as walking away from their office to your car without ever asking for the order and living with a regret is the worst feeling for a sales person. Believe me I did that once and I still get shivers thinking about it even after 20 years!

Let me know how you get on and the success you have had… or via @clientmarketyks