My last blog was based on ten free marketing tips and due to popular demand…here are another ten free tips to help with your organisations business development…

1. LinkedIn

One of the fastest social media channels is ideal for generating new contacts, join in on relevant conversations and highlight your unique professional services and expertise.

2. Use trending hashtags
When you are working on your daily postings why not add (if relevant) the current trending hashtags and see how you can use them in your tweets

3. Local Radio
Volunteer your expertise to the local radio station as a guest expert or thought leader and you will be surprised when there is a quite news day or an expert needed to comment on a story…

4. Online directories
An ideal method to improve link building, which is an important way to climb higher in search engine results and optimise your website.

5. Power of Local
Focusing some of your marketing on your local community adds a personal dimension to your branding and an easier nut to crack than aiming at a national audience. Registering with google my business is an ideal way to help in this process.

Free Tips zone!

Free Tips zone!

6. Suppliers & Associates
The people you work with daily can become devoted ambassadors for your brand if you take the time to build a meaningful business relationship with them and develop a win- win situation.

7. Product placement
Even if you don’t get a monetary return when you loan or donate your products to a short film production, a festival or a workshop there is much to be gained from enhanced visibility.

8. Community projects
An ideal vehicle for your personal growth and for your business reputation and for your CSR and to showcase your business but also to put something back.

9. Discount code
To a select band of followers or a target audience devise a code to make them feel special and valued with a limited offer that only they can enjoy.

10. Telephone a customer or prospect
Recent surveys showed that as high as 80% of people don’t follow up on sales leads and so why don’t you buck that trend and make that call?

I hope you have found these tips useful and I would love to hear of your success or if you have any others to add to the list for next weeks blog!