There are many mysteries in the ever changing world of marketing and some of the challenges we face are shaping some of the latest trends in marketing. How to be heard is a question often asked?

One such trend is that 41% of people (and 33% of millennials, those aged roughly 18- to 34-years-old) claim to feel overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of choice on the internet, preferring friends’ recommendations on social media rather than searching for content and products themselves.

In terms of being proactive there are a number of marketing activities we can undertake to overcome this wealth of content or disparagingly known as “noise”

So here are some tips on how do we get our content read or heard?

Try to Listen and learn as knowing your audience is a must and it is therefore important to hear your audience’s conversations as social listening can be a particularly effective tool for this. This provides clear insight into people’s content habits, for example, what they are interested in, what formats of content they like, when and where they read and how they feel about that content. Using the likes of Google alerts or social media listening tools such as Hootsuite or Klout or Tweetdeck

Try to find the right context that the audience can relate to and weave in (rather than sell) your brand story and develop a calendar to generate content matching what audiences are likely to be thinking about and looking for advice on at specific times of the year. But most of all, be prepared to react quickly to what is happening in the world and create relevant content that grabs people’s imagination. Look at Googles doodle for an excellent and fun example.

Create a story about people, told by people! Consumers are extremely savvy and easily recognise quality content when they see it. People don’t care much about your product unless it’s relevant for them and telling stories is an ideal vehicle for that as this creates engagement with the audience. Remember Jackanory or sitting on your parents knee being read to!

Try something new and be flexible as the lines are blurred with mobile technology and keep an eye out for the latest trends which will enable you to surprise and engage with your audience as well as deliver the right content to the right person, at the right time. Seminars and workshops delivered by marketing professionals is always a rich seam of information and ideas for the future or good old fashioned desk research.

If you have any thoughts on how else to get your online content heard we would love to hear from you @clientmarketyks

Getting your marketing content heard

Being Heard