Imperfect relevant marketing content is better than perfect irrelevant marketing content….

It probably comes as no surprise that companies in various markets and industries throughout the globe are finding new ways to leverage technology to get closer to their customers and here are three trends that we have considered and what they mean for your marketing initiatives.

Personalised customer journeys.

It’s now commonplace that companies are leveraging their data and own insights to identify their customers’ key journeys to deliver the right messages at the right time. If you take for example the conundrum faced by the likes of a furniture retailer as they face the perpetual challenge of irregular customer purchases that can often be months or years apart. Recent case studies in this sector showed that as regards buying patterns customers shop on a project basis and tend to purchase related items over a period of time rather than in just one session. Thus the importance of delivering relevant content at the right time in each customer’s buying journey…Imperfect relevant content is better than perfect irrelevant content.


Marketing Content

Marketing Content

Sales, Marketing and Customer service are now one!

As a consumer when I engage with an organisation I expect to be treated the same whether I am speaking to a sales person or calling customer service or receiving any communication. KLM is a wonderful example of this in that they are driving revenue through their social media and have over 100 agents dedicated to this channel and each of them averages annually over £100 K in revenue. In addition to finding lost items, and solving customer service issues, KLM social agents now can almost entirely manage new client bookings via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media as they will get flight details, timings, provide pricing information on pricing and if the client is agreeable, provide a direct link to a payment page. This was all born out of the Icelandic ash cloud over 5 years ago and the need to field client enquiries who could not reach KLM by phone or other channels. Many other companies are using the likes of Marketing Cloud to monitor social media for any negative feedback and automatically creating cases in Service Cloud to embark upon follow-up with the customer.

Connected customer experiences.

One means of building a stronger and deeper customer relationship is achieved by connecting digital and non-digital interactions to reach customers wherever they are. By employing Omni-channel marketing that combines social, mobile, email, online and face to face companies can now communicate with customers and create smarter buying opportunities.

Many companies understand that their customers don’t buy from them every day but they still want to build long-term relationships with them and do so by mining customer data using a CRM system it is straightforward to ensure that you then understand your customers’ needs and buying patterns and then to use Predictive Intelligence to deliver the right digital recommendations at the right time.

This is a just a taster of some of the latest means of getting ever closer to your customers and to translate these marketing trends into actionable and profitable strategies for your company please drop me a line via  @clientmarketyks