Sounds familiar…. Sales leads are in decline, decisions are stalled or delayed, Budgets are tighter and tighter and fewer buyers return calls!  In athletic parlance we used to easily clear 6 feet, but it’s getting harder and harder. Now the bar’s going up. If it was tough before, now it’s nearly impossible..…What does a company do?

Business Development

Declining sales

It’s clear something needs to change.

Key Sales Challenges are the difficulties that sales professionals face with increasing frequency in that they cannot get that elusive first meeting and opportunities are shrinking, decisions are delayed, and discounting is rampant. With those challenges cited, what can companies do to improve the success rates of their sales people?

Leaders must adopt new sales and marketing techniques to remedy market challenges and outperform their competition….. Consider the following plan and course of action with steps in particular order.

Step 1 – Approach Change with a Strategy If we are going to effect change, we cannot simply flip a switch and expect it to happen. After all, a company engaged in ineffective cold calling and email marketing cannot be changed overnight.

Step 2: Develop Customer Personas by learning what makes buyers buy. What are their problems and concerns? Whom do they trust? What are their personal goals and wishes? These are often called personas. Your buyer personas will become invaluable in developing optimal messaging, for your website, your marketing content, sales conversations and more. A deep understanding of prospective buyers will enable you to clearly understand how best to talk to buyers!

Step 3 –Become Customer Centric With the prior information gathered, you are equipped to work back from buyer personas to buying process to sales engagement to marketing and so forth. A customer-based go to marketing approach is something that far too few companies implement, but the minority that do enjoy undeniable results.

Step 4 – Automate Sales Processes and one fundamental application that every organisation needs is Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). One of the reasons CRM software is so important is that it’s the system of record for where you keep the information about customers and prospects. CRM systems can deliver a 360 degree customer view, automate sales and marketing processes, aid new personnel in getting up to speed quickly and provide sales and marketing staff with real time key performance indicators and business intelligence.

Buyers do not fit into a single category of one. The process of identifying buyer personas, aligning messaging, implementing more customer centric business processes and automating activities with a CRM system can remedy today’s challenges and provide competitive advantage against those sales organisations which fail to grasp change.

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