Mobile is king!

If there is one thing you do in 2016, it should be to step up your mobile game. Customers will use it to find local businesses, look up websites when they see billboard ads, research brands and more and for many companies almost 50 percent of customers were coming to the website from tablets alone, and the company website needed to reflect this traffic.

Having the option of a mobile website is not a question. If you don’t have one, you are losing business!

The importance of a mobile website isn’t just convenience: In April, Google announced they would begin to knock websites in search rankings that did not have a mobile-friendly platform and therefore having a mobile website is an important SEO strategy.

Because such a significant portion of consumers are using mobile devices for their research, it’s important to make sure any targeted advertising is consumable for the mobile user. Companies are ensuring all listings are cross-platform for mobile users, and its most successful paid advertisements on Facebook have been mobile optimised.

Marketing tips

Mobile is king and Video is Queen!

Video is Queen!

If mobile is the king of marketing in 2016, video is queen. Marketing professionals all agree that video should be integral to a business’s marketing plan as video consumption on mobile continues to skyrocket in terms of engagement.

Industry reports that 80% of Internet users recall watching a video on a website they visited within the past 30 days.  Of that 80%, 26% looked for more information online, 15% visited the company, and 12% purchased the specific product featured in the video ad.

There’s no longer any excuse for dealers not to incorporate video into their marketing and there are tools readily available to create their own video content without breaking the budget.

Conversion rate is the Ace!

Google reported a 29% increase from April 2014 to April 2015 in mobile conversion rates. The customers are there, and smart marketers in 2016 will be tracking their conversion rate optimisation to better understand what is and isn’t working. For many industries this is a bit more challenging as many are not selling a “click and buy” product. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth putting in the time and effort to track.

There’s a lot of technologies out there, especially for tracking search engine marketing ads, to really see what’s working for you instead of just spending money recklessly and hoping for results. If your website sells products that are “click and buy” items, it is important to be sure your website can support moving customers. Can a customer add something to their cart on a mobile device and easily move to a tablet or desktop to finish the purchase? These are capabilities customers will be looking for in 2016.

My next blog on the latest marketing trends and tips will try and keep this playing cards analogy up but I was never the joker in the pack but I think I can cut a deal! There are a few more puns to look out for next time!