I am feeling slightly nostalgic on this sunny morning.

I used to enjoy (and don’t mind admitting it) visiting the local video store or book shop but then when we reflect on the demise of the likes of Borders and Blockbusters it’s not difficult to realise that times have changed and that businesses have to take advantage of trends.

It’s no longer apposite to try to just be different as Richard Branson once said, “Don’t just play the game – change it for good.”  That’s what many successful companies are doing, that’s what you want to do. There are numerous examples that we can admire such as those that permanently changed the rules like Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, YouTube and Spotify. I am sure there are others to add but I think you get the gist.

We may not achieve these dizzy heights but it’s a quest to make your business remarkable and to standout and so a focus on a dynamic marketing strategy is always a great investment providing you can realise and understand issues of your customer and the challenges faced by your prospective customers and you can be dynamic and creative enough to provide solutions to those problems.

Marketing trends

Marketing is more short term testing than long term planning

Today, marketing is less about long-term planning and more about short-term testing, experiments and real-time data. This means you may well need to modify your thinking about marketing and integrate the new tools into your product, service and customer experience.

If you have an idea for a product, message, price point or new package of services please don’t have to wait six months while you get your marketing plan and collateral together to help you sell it. Sometimes you only have to wait a few days to get the website launched and social media active that will allow you to share it with thousands of people so you get their feedback. I am sorry this may go against traditional teaching but this represents a dramatic shift in how marketing is applied.

To make this approach succeed you need to be agile with your marketing approach and so please don’t always wait for those numerous in house seemingly glacial meetings where everyone has to have their say and to ensure everything to be textbook. It is far better to apply lean thinking and define your minimum requirements and let the market decide. Try and obtain feedback from customers and prospects as their opinion is much more important than yours.  The more you try this approach then the more new originalities you will be able to add to your business and you will be able to test market ideas with customers and obtain data on their performance and then decide…did it work or do we need to modify our approach?

It is not beyond the bounds of reason to adjust your marketing every month or so and so you can be a company that wants to test and experiment with different messages, different pricing, different product configurations or different stories to meet the trends and customer fashions and leanings and as long as you are equally agile and able to respond accordingly this is one of the best ways to go to market.

The pace of change in business today in 2016 is swift. Almost every area of the business is trying to be nimbler and so allowing you to respond to market opportunities. Marketing is no different which means that you can be more flexible in solving client problems and you can be more effective in how you invest your money to help your company grow.

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