Last week we were gazing in to our crystal ball and we are back in front of it again!

Seriously there is a lot happening now and latest marketing tends that will help you grow your business and see you kept ahead of your competition.

Internet of Things

Wearable technology will see a user adoption rate of 28% in 2016 and so there is even more data for marketers to mine and it looks as though this data be derived from people’s day-to-day habits and so from now until the foreseeable future we will see the Internet of Things become a bigger tool that marketers can use to engage with customers.

It is thought that this means that adverts will soon have the ability target people based on their every move and for businesses this means that your data will have to become more behaviour driven and although the power of devices may seem unsettling and big brother you will at least be hitting the target. Your customers will decide if this is the right message and probably let you know!

Internet of things

Internet of things

Transient Marketing

In order to deliver integrated campaigns that make customers feel connected, especially the younger generation of consumers (i.e. Millennials) you may need to consider offering exclusive content that has an expiry date. This idea that “less is more,” or transient marketing is all about communication that’s more to the point. In a world where people have less and less time, this model works.

This is typified by the fact that Snapchat is already moving into the space of a traditional or standard marketing platform and that we will come to understand that Snapchat isn’t just a tool for fun marketing experiments but a platform that users are flocking to in order to digest social media in real time.

Snapchat is considered the platform for making consumers feel connected and media brands in the USA such as ESPN and Comedy Central already use it to push their messages to consumers of media. With Snapchat, the advertisement becomes the product and this is something that competitors can no longer ignore. Why not consider taking advantage of this opportunity to connect uniquely using just a small window of your customers’ valuable time and try it?

New Search Engines

With the likes of Facebook already working on tests for its own search engine, it seems inevitable that search capabilities will go far beyond Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As search capabilities improve within social media, brands will get an automatic boost and this year buy buttons and payment messaging appear on social in 2016 and so there is obvious convergence and a one stop shop platform will arrive.

With such advanced search capabilities, integrated payment methods and the social impact that empowers sites like Facebook and Twitter, consumers will be able to make purchases, chat with their friends about what they bought, and post the social proof of their new purchase. Advanced search will bring a more integrated social experience and if you cater your marketing efforts to this all-in-one, buy-and-share social media search, it’s clear that your business and brand will benefit. In short you will aim to make the whole process easier and importantly a fun experience.

These trends should become essential elements in your future marketing plans and week by week we will have new ideas to share with you but for now don’t try to do too much but always try to keep ahead of the pack!