One of the best ways to great way to keep your clients up to date, attract new business and promote your latest products and services is with a newsletter and you probably know you should be sending out these emails regularly…. but the problem is…. you’re stumped or you are suffering from writers block!

Email newsletters

Writers Block

When the time comes round around each month or season to send out another newsletter, figuring out what to write about can be a challenging task and so here are a few ideas to help unblock your thoughts!

Send an Invitation

Everyone loves to feel included, so invite your clients, friends and fans to an exclusive event, party, sale or offer and please make them feel like your event is worthwhile and they will be sure to respond.


Bring out the competitive spirit in your customers by creating a contest and invite everyone to compete. You can ask your readers to create a funny caption for a photo, Tweet a new tagline for your business or share a video on your Facebook page. Be sure to offer an enticing prize and a fun way to increase your customer engagement.

Holiday Time!

Whether it’s Christmas, Bank Holiday or an event these occasions are always a good excuse to send out an email and they can supply you with a theme and design ideas for your newsletter. Think about your target market and pick the holidays that you think will interest them the most.

Sales and Special Offers

It may not be original, but it works but many customers open e-newsletters simply to see what deals you are offering inside as coupons and offers or deals are always a great magnet for customers.

Say Thank you

Are you celebrating 10 years in business? Whatever the reason, be sure to say thank you to the loyal customers and supporters who helped you reach this milestone. You may even want to toss in a coupon as a token of your gratitude. Your customers will surely appreciate your kindness!

Breaking News!

Customers are more likely to read emails that share cutting edge news and time-sensitive stories. If something new and exciting is going on in your business or your sector be sure to capitalise on the moment and share it with everyone on your mailing list.


Working on a new product? Your readers may be intrigued and feel pretty special and so if you take them behind the scenes and give them a glimpse of good things to come. Since everyone likes to be the first to know this kind of email can be very effective at boosting your open rate.


You can embed a video in any newsletter! Since videos are easy to create with little more than your phone, they offer a convenient means to spruce up your next newsletter. Try sharing clips from a recent event, take readers on a virtual tour of your office or introduce them to some of your staff? Video is a powerful tool for helping your readers connect with your business.

Follow Us on Social

One useful marketing tip is to not be afraid to be direct with your customers and fans. Want feedback on your website? Ask them for it! Want more likes on your Facebook page? Go ahead and ask! Spice up your social channels with some exciting posts and compelling videos and then ask for support in your next email newsletter.

Here are a few thoughts and themes to follow next time you are staring at a blank screen and keen for some inspiration and if you have other suggestions to add to this list please get in contact @clientmarketyks or