There is much innovation in the Marketing world.

So what’s happening in the fast and ever changing world?

Here are a few thoughts on the trends and tactics to be aware of as they shape business to business marketing into a more human, relatable way of communicating with customers.

One of this year’s most notable ongoing trends involves more and more business to business companies employing business to consumer techniques with the use of video advertising and advocate marketing, content will continue to rule the digital marketing scene and the focus to reach customers in the easiest and most direct manner.

Here are a few thoughts as to marketing trends and predictions to help you form your marketing communications plan.

  • Personalisation

Whether consciously or not, most of us expect personal treatment when we connect with a brand and marketers pay more attention to using personalisation.

The main action is to dig deeper into people’s behaviour and interests, and thus offer a unique experience to each and every one which means including personalised content on landing pages and websites, as well as emails that acknowledge previous purchases and other social interactions.

  • Content Marketing

Gone are the days when technical SEO was the top priority as search algorithms are placing a much stronger emphasis on the relevance of the content.

The actual value of the content is paramount not just for SEO but importantly its richest potential lies with engaging audiences, which is especially relevant for brands that want to reach out to potential customers and its power to raise brand awareness and engagement, lead generation and customer acquisition.

  • Advocate Marketing

The use of referrals is a tried-and-true method for attracting new leads, but the only way for it to work is to invest in creating strong relationships with previous customers by fostering their loyalty through special programmes and other incentives. With current customers turning into brand advocates, businesses can utilise the power of customer reviews and referrals.

  • Interactive Content

Not only will content marketing continue to develop and unlike static and gated content, interactive marketing can help you relate to your customers on a whole new level by allowing people to dive into online experiences that have been tailored for them and enables them to establish an emotional connection with your products and brand. New types of interactive marketing now include interactive tests, games and training, all of which aim to keep users engaged while extracting useful information for your business.

According to recent reports by 2019, streaming video content will comprise 80% of all online traffic. While the most commonly used video marketing tactics currently include explanations and product feature videos, this is bound to be replaced by user testimonials, demonstrations, webinars, case studies and interviews

With this expansion of video, the ways in which engagement is measured will also evolve, boosting video analytics at the same time.

From holistic, customer-centric approaches to content marketing reaching new heights, the innovations in the field can make a real difference for your marketing and there are plenty of reasons to embrace the new opportunities that the latest marketing trends.

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