We have heard a lot about Content marketing but what actually is it and what are the latest trends and what should you be doing to generate more enquiries for your website and to manage your content.

Content is King!

Content marketing is the method of generating and distributing valuable and relevant content in order to attract, educate, and obtain a target audience with the goal of driving profits via customer action. Sounds Easy?

However content marketing can make you feel vulnerable as it lets you show a side of yourself your customers wouldn’t normally see. You’re putting your thoughts and ideas on the line and hoping people respond.

Its can be construed to be the marketing equivalent of dating!

But the harsh truth is: While some content marketing is good, not a lot of it is great.

According to recent surveys that 72% of marketers have a content strategy in place. The three overarching goals of content marketing are lead generation, market education, and brand awareness. As I am sure you can appreciate that competition is fierce which is why staying ahead of the game is vitally important.

Here are the latest five trends in content marketing that will set your business apart from the crowd.


We all know your website and social media presence is paramount and by maximising social media it is one of the most effective strategies and there are tools available to aid in automation as distributing your content across multiple platforms has never been easier. Scheduling posts can be programmed via web services such as Hootsuite and Curatacontent-marketing-idea-lightbulb-ss-1920-800x450 Google AdSense and Amazon Associates also enable automated website ad space.

Unique Content

With Google’s Knowledge Graph providing instant answers to questions via the search engine directly web users are naturally far less likely to click on links. This means sites housing one-dimensional content can be overlooked but by providing targeted, specific, and specialised content to your audience, you can avoid being ignored! Provision of informative content will establish you as an authority within your industry.

Multimedia Content

Visual media can have a large impact on consumers and can change the way your company is perceived. By next year there are estimates that online video will make up 70% of consumer internet traffic. Multimedia content such as infographics and videos will lend an air of credibility to your brand and effectively engage your audience and interactive elements such as games, surveys, and polls increases engagement with your business.

Ambassadors or Influencers

One of the newest content marketing trends involves enlisting key influencers to serve as brand ambassadors and they are specifically selected to enhance awareness of your brand via their personal network. Determining the most relevant influencers for your industry or sector may be challenging, but this person/s can have a substantial effect on swaying consumers to proceed with purchases.

Blog Content

Creating content and posting to your company’s blog remains one of the pre-eminent ways to reach consumers and by focusing on quality and engaging content you can establish yourself as an industry leader and enhance overall credibility among clients. The aim is to build and maintain a good online network is essential and by inviting guest bloggers to post applicable content on your site can drive traffic and increase brand exposure as well. You will build your network best by cultivating relationships, sharing others’ content, and interacting on your social channels. Leave comments on others’ blog posts and hope the favour is returned on yours. The better your network then naturally the more potential customers you have the opportunity to reach and engage.

Staying current on content marketing trends will give you an edge against the competition and set you apart in the eye of consumers. If there are trends that you are successfully adopting for your business we would love to hear.