Irrespective of who you are marketing to you are always marketing to a person…. All you need to do is find a way to reach that person.

The latest marketing Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute stated that 88% of Business to business (B2B) organisations are using content marketing yet only 30% of them think its effective.

Many experts and marketers believe that producing content for B2B industries is challenging and that business to consumer marketing is easy. I am not sure that I agree. They’re just different.

Business to Business Marketing


Here are a couple of effective tips for reaching business customers using content marketing.

Involve Industry Experts

There are many benefits to featuring experts in your content — or, better yet — getting them involved in its production as it lends credibility to your work, It adds new knowledge and ideas and helps extend the reach of your content.

The idea is to get well-known names in your industry to contribute to your content. This could mean asking them to provide a quote, interviewing them, or even persuading them to write a guest post for you.

So how do you ask someone to contribute to your content?

Email might be your safest bet. However, it really helps to get on your prospect’s radar first by interacting with them on social media or by commenting on their content. Tools like Buzzsumo can help you identify and connect with the right people in your industry.

Another excellent way to get contributors for your content is through a service called HARO which stands for “Help a Reporter Out,” and it’s essentially a tool designed to help journalists find sources for articles.

It’s a great way to gather original quotes for content and if you can’t secure an original contribution to your content, it never hurts to include existing quotes from experts especially if you reach out to the people you feature to let them know.

Tell Your Customers’ Stories

Each of your customers has a story to tell, and utilising these stories in your content gives it a definite edge as most of us look for social proof as we want to be reassured that we’re making the right decisions….that’s where your customers’ stories come in.

What I’m talking about here goes far beyond case studies as when it comes to content marketing… there’s so much more you can do with your customers’ stories.

Remember, your customers have stories that current and prospective customers could learn from, stories that will demonstrate how others are using and thriving with your product or service.

A story that focuses on the amazing things a customer has achieved can promote your product without even mentioning it as the insinuation is always there that your product played a part in their success.

So there’s no reason business content marketing should be any harder or less successful than content marketing in consumer industries as you’re still reaching people but you just need to reach them in different ways.