Have a new website or an existing one and a limited budget and want to promote it on a shoestring?

One of the major strands of a marketing plan is to have promote a new website is an essential part of developing a presence. It doesn’t matter whether you use your site to sells widgets or to promote your art studio the essence is attracting more visitors as a top priority and why you will need a plan for website promotion.

It’s not easy to shine a spotlight on any brand or organisation that just recently emerged into existence or a small company especially when there are budgetary constraints and so below are ideas as to how you can market your website on a shoestring…

Website promotion

Website Promotion

Search Engine Optimisation

Hopefully a fair share of your website’s traffic will come from search engine results. It’s a reliable source of traffic and to make sure that your website gets seen you will need to enhance your site’s Search Engine Optimisation.

The most important rule of thumb is to make SEO a part of your routine and not something you do only once and so invest time in SEO regularly and you will see the results. There are a few essentials:

  • Make sure you have the right URL and the ideal domain will include your business name and perhaps a keyword or two that are relevant to your business.
  • Create titles and descriptions for each pagethat accurately and clearly describe what your business does, ideally with a few keywords and phrases mixed in.
  • Effective anchor text should be used to help users navigate your website and find what they are looking for.
  • Add alt text to all your images which is a concise written description (just a few words) about each image on a website.

Social media

It is possible for small businesses and unknown brands to build a growing audience organically, without spending thousands. But it’s a jungle out there and so grabbling the attention of your target market is a challenge and so understanding which social networks can be beneficial for you is essential and once you decide which platforms are right for you, develop a sense of the mood and engagement with followers is paramount.

Get others to do it for you!

The best method for promoting a website is to get other people to do it for you because it gives you visibility with others you may have otherwise not reached on your own…because endorsement is so powerful!

There are important steps you should take

  • Make your website “social friendly” by adding widgets and features that encourage sharing.
  • Contact followers directly to ask for their endorsements and feature these reviews on your website
  • Use Call-to-Actions and ask your newsletter subscribers to forward your newsletters to friends who might like it.

Mobile is King

A significant portion of your website traffic will come from mobile and this will only be meaningful if your site is actually optimised for viewing on the small screen.


Newsletters have been around for some time and they are still extensively used in online marketing and the immediate effect of great content landing straight into one’s mailbox is an assured way to raise interest. However, you need to work on creating email campaigns that appeal otherwise they go right into the trash folder or the delete button is pressed!

Finally don’t forget to track and analyse your site traffic statistics regularly to learn more about your visitor’s interaction with your website and enhance your content accordingly. Learn on the go!