If you are a Twitter user but not using Twitter lists then I think you are missing out on a practical tool to help you monitor interesting conversations, keep a close eye on your competitors, nurture new connections and network with the right people and all without wasting time sifting through feeds.

You may be wondering what a twitter list is? It is an easy way to organise multiple Twitter accounts into separate groups that make sense for you and therefore allows you to read and interact with tweets from users based on criteria that you have chosen and importantly saves you time by cutting out the irrelevant tweets that may show up on your never ending feed!

The real value of twitter lists is to save you lots of time as it filters out the noise in the substantial flow of tweets, helps you to stay focused on the most important people and tweets and you can keep up to date with the latest news in your industry without having to scroll through the massive amount of tweets.

If you want a sample how you can use Twitter lists to build brand awareness and attract more customers and grow your business here are a few thoughts below.

Keeping all your competitors’ accounts in one handy private list allows you to easily check in on what they are saying and doing and how they are engaging with their customer base. By using this insight you can improve your own twitter strategy.

Try creating a public twitter list with influencers in your industry and add the people you admire and respect within your industry and use this list to manage and build your relationship with them. By making this a public list means that when you add someone to the list they will get a notification that you consider them on a list of experts!

By creating a twitter list with people who are enthusiastic fans of your brand and actively engage with your content, and ensure that you equally pay attention to these fans and engage with them on a regular basis by thanking them for retweeting or sharing any of their content you see as potentially useful.

Twitter lists

Keep an Eye on Competitors

If you are a local business supporting other businesses in your community can really help and so create a Twitter list where you highlight what you feel is the best your town or area offers and add other businesses and local customers. You can use this list to start conversations with other businesses and you may end up partnering with some of them or being introduced to other customer or partners locally.

If you want to keep up with the latest news and trends, create a Twitter list where you add the top websites and users who constantly share breaking news in your industry. This is a great way to not only unclutter your Twitter feed but also to increase your profile’s status as a sector leader.

Twitter is a fantastic tool to collect and share information as well as to interact and build relationships with influencers and customers but to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of Twitter for your business you need to use your account to its fullest by creating the twitter lists that will be most useful to your business.