Fully Funded Training

Fully Funded Training and development brings benefits to both companies and its employees.

It is well documented that training provides a series of planned learning experiences for individuals and builds their technical skills and business competencies and also helps to improve efficiency and can motivate employees to do well. This helps to make positive changes to the way in decisions. By training and developing its staff well companies are often in a position to develop a competitive advantage over their competitors.

For a small business training is a substantial cost to a business and it can be considered an investment.

Free training

Free training

To help businesses in the local area Client Marketing can provide fully funded sales & marketing & commercial training to small and medium businesses within the North Yorkshire and East Riding. These training courses are ideal for SME’s and social enterprises and sole traders and any business with 250 staff or less and with a turnover of less than £30 M is based in North Yorkshire is eligible providing they are in any of the following sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Bio Renewables
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Voluntary and Community and Social Enterprises
  • Visitor Economy
  • Health & Social Care

This fully funded programme is providing training in the following courses from Client Marketing Ltd

If you have a specific training requirement not listed above then please get in touch and we can deliver a bespoke training course for your organisation.

Negotiation Skills Training

Training Course at Leeds Voluntary ActionF

Client Marketing Ltd with the help of this training programme are proud to help the people who have the right technical skills and business competencies with the roles they are best able to do. By acquiring technical skills and business competencies, employees can plan their career path and this gives them responsibility for achieving their career ambitions and helps to create the future leaders of the organisation.

If you would like to know more about this fully funded training programme please call on 07721 480249 or email info@clientmarketing.co.uk or via twitter @clientmarketyks