Want to know all about Content Marketing and the Art of Engaging your Audience with Content.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Do you feel you need to better understand how to create effective content for web, social media and blogging?

Or perhaps you need to improve the impact, reach and engagement of your advertising and social media campaigns?

Well this high impact training day you will learn all about:

  • What is content marketing?
  • How is it done effectively
  • Why your team is important in the development of content
  • Reaching a wider audience through blogging, social media & web content
  • Investigating good & bad websites
  • Content marketing progress
  • Techniques for creating the perfect headline
  • Impactful content structure
  • Building credibility
  • Content process
  • Writing styles
  • Formats – text, graphics, images, video
  • The power of storytelling

Content underpins everything that you do and determines the quality of connection you have with your audience so take your first step towards better content by signing up to our training!

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and post course support online

If you would you like to book a course or learn more about this course please contact Client Marketing on 0113 208 9849 or info@clientmarketing.co.uk