Marketing Training


Course Description

Without marketing, the fact that you’ve built a better mousetrap might go unnoticed!

In fact, the whole notion of what constitutes a better mousetrap is dependent on your marketing training and insights. Your engineers may have an elegant design that consumers reject as irrelevant or too cumbersome to use. Marketers are key in coordinating those who make product and design decisions with sales personnel and ultimately, with consumers.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs help with their marketing skills, is new to marketing or would just like to brush up on their skills

What will I be able to do on completion?

  • Explain what marketing is and how it links to the growth strategy of a business
  • Identify the components of the marketing mix and extended marketing mix and explain how marketing affects all areas of the business
  • Begin to build a logical and customer centred marketing plan

Marketing Training Course Content

  • What is Marketing?

This short exercise helps learners to understand what marketing is and the wide range of business activities it involves.

  • Growth Strategies

Learners find out about different types of growth strategies adopted by businesses and how important it is for marketing to align to strategy.

  • The Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix and the Extended Marketing mix are explained to learners.

Participants are provided with a logical approach to marketing using our MAP approach.

Understand the importance of market research is explained and learners find about the four elements they need to understand to market effectively.

  • Sales, Customers and Marketing

The importance of providing solutions based on customer requirements is explained.

  • Communications

Learners are introduced to the promotional mix and the various communication media available such as digital marketing and social media.


This is a fun and interactive one-day training course enables delegates to understand the vital importance of marketing to any organisation and the latest trends.

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of course material and post course support online

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