The Psychology of selling

The Psychology of Selling

 5 Brain Tricks and Tips to Improve Your Sales

Most of the time, success of a particular store or brand is the result of an accumulation of efforts and not one overriding factor.

We are all human and tend to respond to certain things in a similar way from a psychological perspective. We can use the this to your advantage by tapping into the inner workings of the brain and learn small tips that make your products irresistible to your customers.

Below, we will show five ‘brain tricks’ to convince potential clients…

It’s all about the customer

As a business owner, you undoubtedly will know a lot about your products and/or services but this doesn’t necessarily mean your potential customers want to know everything you know about it.

In short, the process of the sale is about making it all about them and by showing how your service can make their life easier and they want to know what they are getting out of a deal. If that’s not explicitly explained you may well lose them.

Show and don’t tell

Your product or service is an answer to a customer problem. Instead of telling them how amazing it is or you are please show them.

Whether it’s through a live demo or YouTube videos or some other format, demonstrating how you can solve their will resonate. Psychologically, it allows the viewer to visualise themselves using the product in their lives, and that speaks volumes more than any ad that tells them that your product fills a void.

Psychology of Selling

Scarcity sells

There is nothing like going to Amazon to digital window shop, only to find something you really want and there are only three left in stock. Your desire to have the product increases even though the necessity of owning it doesn’t.

Scarcity got you.

This tactic is very much by design and is often used by many online stores. Showing the number of items in stock creates a sense of urgency and action.

Scarcity can induce action, as it triggers the “Fear of Missing Out” feelings and scarcity isn’t just about limited quantity but time as well as limited-time or seasonal items are the epitome of scarcity.

Let’s get emotional

If you really want to strike a chord with your customers why not play to their emotions. Whether you strive for happy tears, belly laughs or heart-warming moments, this is a tactic that works.

When it comes down to promotions the key thing is being remembered.

We are motivated by emotions and an effective campaign playing to them can make an audience feel like they belong as this type of motivation to customers bodes well for your brand as positive emotions promote connection.

Social proof

When a customer is in the market for a particular item they will look to others to help make the decision for them. This is known as social proof and to put this into practice and to sway customers, back your product up with testimonials from other satisfied buyers. Your potential clients will more than likely be doing research on similar products and reviews on Google, Facebook, Trip advisor or Trust Pilot are a great way to find out how it is to really use something.

This type of social proof will help affirm in the minds of the prospective buyer that they have made a safe choice and it’s a product that has the approval of many others.

Why not use brain power to make more sales or generate more leads on your website!

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