Course Objective:

Learn how to deliver excellent customer service and exceed customer expectations

Who is it for?

For customer-facing front-line and support staff, whose actions can have a significant impact on their company’s reputation and success.

What is it about?

The key principles, attitudes and skills essential for delivering an excellent customer experience, to gain, maintain and grow existing relationships.

What will I get out of it?

  • Knowledge of how to create a positively memorable service experience
  • Ways to manage customers’ expectations and where possible to exceed them
  • A recognition of the significance of good and bad service on customers’ loyalty, and your company’s reputation
  • The ability to turn around customer complaints and dissatisfaction
  • A framework for saying ‘no’ constructively, and giving ‘bad’ news

Customer Service Training – Course Content

  • What is Customer Service?

Define your understanding of customer service and what customer service beliefs and expectations are

  • Who Are Your Customers?

Identify who your customers are, and whether each is internal or external

  • Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations

Understand what’s important to the customer, their expectations & what you can offer them

  • Setting Standards of Customer Care

Know the standards set by your organisation for dealing with customers in a variety of settings. Decide how you exceed customers’ expectations


Understand what communication is, what barriers there are and how to overcome them. Know how to use active listening techniques effectively.

Learn about good telephone technique, transferring telephone calls, putting callers on hold, using appropriate language and taking accurate messages.

  • Managing Conflict in Customer Situations

Acquire methods of dealing with challenging customers, identifying what causes conflict, preventing it and knowing how to respond appropriately.

  • Dealing With Challenges

Understand how to respond professionally and appropriately to a range difficult situations.

  • Dealing with Difficult People

Recognise when to use different methods to deal appropriately with difficult personalities

  • Easy Steps to Customer Problem Solving

Learn how to resolve customer problems using a seven step process.

  • Doing Your Part

Recognise how to develop and maintain relationships, understand communications styles and the impact of your own behaviour.


This is a fun and interactive one-day customer service training course enables delegates to understand the vital importance of customer service to any organisation and assists them to provide exceptional customer service, either themselves or through the actions of their staff.