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Sales Training Course

To provide basic sales training for a new sales person and to focus on hands-on and practical steps to structure the sales process and developing sales skills.

This sales training course is ideal for business owners, sole traders or anyone who would like to gain the sales skills to grow their business.

Our sales training course will involve activity including;

  • Pre Course Questionnaire to all the learners
  • Design and tailoring of the sales training course to the learners needs following the analysis of the questionnaires, the observation and liaison with line management.
  • Delivering an in house sales training course.
  • The sales course would be part classroom based and involve practical examples.
  • Agree outcomes and actions with the team at the end of the sales training session.
  • A follow up on the sales training course with a briefer session with the team focussing on the outcomes and the success of the process and training.

Sales Training- Course details

Sales Strategy

Ever-changing customer needs and buying behaviour coupled with increased competition for value superiority are driving companies to seek new and innovative go-to-market approaches. We will guide you through an in-depth exploration of the range of possible sales strategies and the many challenging decisions critical to revenue growth.

  • Customer Service and CRM.
  • Sales is the whole company
  • Updating and modernising the sales processes
  • Channels to market and how to reach them
  • Compelling Value propositions
  • Segmenting and growth priorities that result in winning sales strategies

Sales Skills

The sales training course is based on the following 7 steps of the sale from preparation to closing the sale and the follow up.

  1. Planning and Preparation

This will focus on the work to be done before the visit is made and will centre on:

  • Customer prospecting.
  • Identifying the target decision-makers.
  • Techniques to make telephone appointments with target customers.
  • Objectives to gain a sale and organising your planning to achieve it
  1. Introduction/Opening

This will focus on the start of the customer visit and will centre on:

  • Prepare your opening and practice your call.
  • Objectives of the meeting and organise your planning to achieve it.
  • Introductions – and the value it can offer to the client.
  • Scene setting – explaining the purpose the visit, time management and take notes.
  1. Questioning

  • Principles and techniques of questioning.
  • Empathy and listening in questioning and understanding body language.
  • Identify the strongest need or benefit perceived by the prospect relating to the product/service being offered by the seller.
  1. Presentation

The sales presentation should focus on a central proposition which should be the unique perceived benefit that the prospect gains from the product/service.

This sales training course covers:

  • Confirming the presentation demonstrates that the product/service meets the prospect’s needs and priorities.
  • Ensuring the presentation includes relevant evidence of success and references and shows that all the other incidental requirements are met.
  • Using the language and style of the audience.
  • Making notes and issue notes, or a copy of your presentation.
  • Seeking feedback, confirmation and agreement and invite questions.
Training at Leeds City College
  1. Overcoming objections/negotiating

  • Qualifying objections.
  • Handling objections constructively.
  • Re-affirming questions to overcome issues.
  • Identifying buying signals at this stage.
  1. Close/Closing/Agreement

  • Using silence and questioning.
  • Different types of close.
  • How to close and seek agreement.
  • Confirmation in writing of agreement.
  1. Follow-up

Our promise

We hope you will profit from our experience in sales training as we will:

  • Help provide a structured approach to the sales process
  • Help you implement new sales skills that will add value
  • Help with client acquisition

Most importantly make this a fun and interactive sales training course and to give the tools and confidence to prospect for new customers and to develop sales with existing clients.

Sales Training Course Outcomes

All attendees receive an attendance certificate, a digital copy of sales course material and post course support online

If you would you like to book a sales training course or learn more about sales courses please contact Client Marketing on 0113 208 9849 or


A lunchtime session was held with Simon who presented a ‘bite sized’ overview of Marketing on a Shoestring. The session was well received by all of those who attended, and the feedback was very positive.  Comments ranging from ‘Engaging’, ‘Good Quality Content’ and ‘Very Good Introduction to Marketing’.  A session that I would recommend to others and I know Simon has received some enquiries as a direct result of this session.

Marie Banks

I took particular interest in one of Simons seminars ” Marketing on a Shoestring” and he presented this to 40 of our clients at our South Yorkshire Business Centre. The feedback was fantastic with all attendees taking away very useful hints and tips for their business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon Shepherd @Client Marketing to any SME looking for training on sales & marketing.

Kevin Elliot

We recently commissioned Client Marketing to undertake 2 days of Sales training with 3 members of the team and the results have been outstanding. On the afternoon of the training one of the sales team converted a warm prospect into a new client that purchased a £15K website. The feedback from the team has been excellent and the results speak for themselves and the sales team are upbeat and visibly more relaxed when reviewing new opportunities. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon and Client Marketing to any business looking to increase the success rate of their sales tea and develop a sales process that works.

Andrew Firth

Simon delivered a fabulously interactive and fun training session. The staff were over the moon and have been implementing all the things they learned. We are absolutely delighted and are keen to get some more training for our other departments.

Karen Want

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